Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wondrland Mickey News

Hello Wondrland3rs!
What's new in your Wondrland?
We have been busy here in ours. Being the Fairy Princess
of Wondrland is not an easy task!
Wondring what I have been up too?
I will share with you now...
I got to do a photo shoot back in January for my
favorite Magazine:
I am in the 30th issue, which also is the
150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland edition!
Out now!
We're getting ready to launch our new website,
along with some delicious
Mad Hatter Tea!
We're currently doing a giveaway
on my FB.  Go check it out!
Upcoming events:
Sherwood Forest Faire
March 21st, 2015
Scarborough Renaissance Festival
April 5th, 2015
May 24th, 2015
Let us know where you would like to see
Wondrland Mickey!
Don't forget to stop by and say Hello!