Monday, October 12, 2015

Texas Renaissance Festival Opening Day!

The 41st season of the
Texas Renaissance Festival
has began!

There's Fortune tellers
like Valen Charron.
I absolutely love her Gypsy wagon!
Find her at booth F31 or email her at:

New characters are found every year!
This year I saw this lovely with amazing wings!
It wasn't easy to walk around with those,
definitely can't shop in those.

Last year they added a fresh fruit shop.
By far my favorite fruit shop!
They have very blueberry fresh fruit.

My Prince Charming bought me my
fruit covered in chocolate!
...he also got their lemonade, it was so good!
Not too much lemons/limes in it.
Not too much sugar.
Here's happy me!
With a stick full of chocolate covered strawberries!
They lasted me 30 really!

A shop perfect for any Hatter!
The Hat shop!

My favorite place at TRF,
The Gypsies of the Blue Moon Tea Room!
Kitty and her gypsy family are amazing!
Whether you want tarot reading,
palm reading or my fave tea leaf reading,
it's the perfect place!

Every year, Kitty hosts my annual UnBirthday Tea Party.
We have it only on 1,001 Dreams Saturday.
Which is the Fairy Saturday. This years is Sat Oct. 17th.
We will have cookies, cupcakes, raffles and Mad Hatter Tea!
Stop on by any time, let them know I sent you!
Find them on booth #625c or on FB:

My favorite show is of course "Cast in Bronze"
I visit the show every season and every weekend I go.
If you haven't seen it, you must see it!
The Carillon is the world's only instrument made completely
out of cast iron bells...25 to be exact. Weights tons!
All songs are awesome, they sell the CD's after the show.
Which I have all! My fave song is of course
"The Carol of the Bells"
Find the bells at:

One of my fave additions to the characters since last year,
has to be Owlchemist Queen!
She's super nice and gives you a feather!

Don't we look adorable together!
Owl's hugs are the best!
Find her on FB:

After walking around all day,
I sat down with some TRF friends and chill.

Before I leave TRF, there's 2 things I must do.
1st, get a huge bag of kettle corn...or 2 or 3.
Then visit their coffee shop and I usually get their
sipping chocolate, which is the bomb!
But, since it was 90+ degrees, I tried their
Mocha Frappuccino and was embraced by
the cold icy chocolate mocha that I sat down
in front of their shop in a fairy size chair to take it all in!
Can't wait to visit again this weekend and have my annual
UnBirthday Tea Party!
If you're visiting, stop by at
 The Gypsies of the Blue Moon Tea Room
we will have our party at 2pm.
We will have FREE samples of +Madison Hatter 
Mad Hatter Tea and lots of sweets!
Visit my shop!
Now Open: