Monday, June 8, 2015

24 Weeks of Wondrland!

Hello Wondrland3rs! 

Currently it is the year of the
150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland.
A very blueberry special year indeed!
But not only is it
the celebration of Alice it is also the
 celebration of all it's characters.
Which of course my favorite is The Mad Hatter!
So, it's UnBirthday time! 

Seeing that there's 24 weeks exactly until my birthday. 
That makes 24 weeks of celebrating my UnBirthday. 
Plus 24 is my special number because it's my actual birthday!

I'm celebrating by giving away 24 copies of the "Wonderland" edition issue of FAE Magazine 
 (Fairies and Enchantment)
which happens to be
the 30th issue of the magazine.
With each copy we will give away
 Mad Hatter Tea samples & Wondrland Mickey goodies!

How to enter:

SHARE the Facebook post about this Giveaway
via Wondrland Mickey's page.
(It must be shared from WM page to count)

You may SHARE once per day. Each SHARE is an extra entry. The SHARE must be made in PUBLIC status to count. No Private accounts.

You must "LIKE" Wondrland Mickey Facebook page


You must "LIKE" Mad Hatter Tea Co. Facebook page

After you've "LIKED" both pages & "SHARED"
 you can return to the original post via WM
to comment that you did the Likes & Shared.

You don't have to comment again if you re-share.
Once is enough. Thank you much.
Shares of last week's giveaway DO NOT
count towards this giveaway.

Winner will be picked at random every Friday stating this
Friday June 12th all thru Friday November 20th.

Each winner will receive:

One copy of  FAE Magazine "Wonderland" edition
With the inside cover of Wondrland Mickey.

One Mad Hatter Tea Co. tea samples choose at random.
 (Samples bares between Tea Pot, Alice purse,
Alice handbag, Pink house, mini top hat)

Special goodies from Wondrland Mickey!
Random items may include but are not
limited to a personal letter, buttons, postcard, poster, picture, sticker etc.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Tumblr,
 FAE Magazine are NOT associated with this giveaway.
They have no responsibility to this contest.
 Giveaway is open worldwide.
Likes & Shares are mainly for the intent to
 continue sharing the love in Wondrland.
UNLIKE will result of forfeit of the entries & or winnings.
We accept no hate, misrespect, bulling, unbecoming
 of character or Fairy, Elf, Pixie, Witch, Dwarf or Ogre teasing!

Believe in yourself,
Share the love,
Spread the Pixie Dust,
Love everyone (including Muggles),
Wear Glitter & Glow in the dark!
-Wondrland Mickey �� ��

Join Wondrland...
...we have Tea Parties!